ChatGPT Everything to know about the AI powered Chatbot

Tech trends ChatGPT to revolutionize engines?

ChatGPT an AI-powered chatbot, is the latest trend in the rapidly evolving technology market which was founded by a company known as OpenAI which counts Sam Altman and Elon Musk among its founding members.

Chatbots have been gaining a lot of attention lately due to its ability to comprehend human speech and offer detailed responses to basic questions.

The bot can complete tasks like creating legal documents as well as writing complex code and blog entries in answer to questions as simple as”Write me a blog about the best restaurants in India “Write me a blog about the best restaurants in India”.


ChatGPT: Everything to know about the AI
ChatGPT: Everything to know about the AI


There are many AI powered chatbots on the market however ChatGPT outdoes the majority of them because of its capacity to recall what the user said to it in the past, thus giving it a personalization in its replies.

ChatGPT also contains a variety of human responses available in its repository that are mainly derived from how humans interact through social media platforms and makes use of it to deliver more natural, human-like interactions.

ChatGPT: Key Facts

  • The AI-powered chatbot became available to the general public on November 30 2022 on the OpenAI website.
  • The company is funded by Microsoft who initially committed $1 billion.
  • As per reports, ChatGPT was able to attract more than one million users in just a week. For context, Facebook was able to take 10 years to achieve this number.
  • ChatGPT utilizes the GPT 3.5 language, developed by OpenAI that makes use of large text data sets sourced from various sources.
  • It’s the most recent advancement in the field of artificial intelligence, or generative AI that has brought in billions of dollars of investment from tech-focused investors.

ChatGPT Microsoft will use chatbots to take on rival Google

The tech giant Microsoft plans to integrate the artificial intelligence software that is behind ChatGPT in the search engine it calls Bing in order to rival and fight for market share with its competitor Google.

Microsoft intends to utilize the software developed by the AI research lab OpenAI who developed the ChatGPT service. It will provide human-like responses to queries entered through its Google search engine, rather than providing the same list of websites it currently.

Bing was responsible for just 9.9% of the market for global search in 2022, according the data of Statistica which is a far cry from Google’s dominance of 83% over the same time.

ChatGPT: History of OpenAI

The San Francisco company, which is based in San Francisco, is one of the top artificial intelligence laboratories. The company was established on December 15, 2015, in the name of Sam Altman, Tesla’s Elon Musk, PayPal founder Peter Thiel, Amazon Web Services and Infosys to mention some of them who committed $1 billion to its research and development.

These are some of the items that it has created to date:

  • ChatGPT One of the initial OpenAI products that is an AI powered chatbot.
  • DALL E-2 An application that allows you to create digital images just by writing down what you want to be able to see.
  • GPT3 An artificial language platform that is able to code and write essays, reducing complicated topics, and is the foundational block for the chatbot.
  • WhisperAn automated speech recognition (ASR) system has been developed based over 680,000 hours in multilingual, multitask-supervised data gathered via the internet.

ChatGPT: Competitors

  • Slush: Used to respond to questions in real-time
  • Vainu is used to enhance customer experience , without the need to fill out forms
  • Babylon Health: AI for better health experiences
  • CNN Chatbot allows it to give customers information that is personalized
  • The Structurely’s Asia Holmes: To engage and securing online leads
  • Is ChatGPT cost-free?


ChatGPT is accessible for free to try in the initial research phase at

  • Is OpenAI controlled by Microsoft?

  • Musk quit the board in February 2018, however he remained a contributor. In the year 2019, OpenAI LP received a $1 billion funding by Microsoft as well as Matthew Brown Companies. OpenAI is headquartered in its headquarters in the Pioneer Building in Mission District, San Francisco.
  • What exactly is GPT chatbot?

ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a chatbot developed in the year 2022 by OpenAI on November 20, 2022. This bot is built upon the GPT-3.5 family of large-language models, and it is tuned by supervised and reinforcement learning techniques.

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