Delhi Containment Zones: District Wise List of De-Contained Zones

The country is experiencing rapid growth of the Corona virus. In terms of states, Delhi and Maharashtra have the highest numbers of coronavirus cases. This is despite the fact that the government has placed lockdown. Today we will discuss the Delhi Containment Zones List, which was extracted by the. As you all know, this coronavirus has caused the state to be divided into three zones: Red Zone, Green Zone and Orange Zone. These zones have been used by the government to separate the area. Friends, today we will tell you all about the

 Delhi Containment Zones.

The lock-down period was extended by the central government to prevent covid-19 from growing in the country. However, the government is currently working on a project that will gradually open the lockdown through concessions.Pradhan Mantri Yojana 2023 The government was divided into four categories: Green, Red and Orange. Some areas in the Delhi Containment Zones have been designated Red Zones, while others have been designated Orange Zones. The Red Zone is designated as the region with the highest number coronovirus-related cases. It also includes areas that have seen an increase in coronovirus infections. These areas are listed in the Delhi Containment Zones. The green zone is the area where the covid-19 cases are lowest. No one is permitted to travel to the red zones.

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Overview of Decontained Zones List

Name Zones of Delhi Containment
Year 2022
Launched by State Government
Beneficiaries Permanent resident of the State
Objective Information about infection
Benefits Information on Green, Red, Orange, and Containment Zones
Category Delhi Govt. Scheme
Official Website



Information on Green, Red, Orange & Containment Areas

In view of the rising incidences of coronavirus in Delhi, Chief Minister Kejriwal declared that the virus should be distributed according the the three zones throughout the state. The Red Zone should be designated as the area where the most patients are arriving. A ban on travel to this district should also be implemented. The corona virus is ravaging Delhi. Some districts are now dying from it. In view of this, Delhi’s Government has published the Delhi Containment Zones list. Except for emergency and essential services, activity in the control zone is prohibited. also read Marriage Certificate Delhi Online Apply 


Check Delhi Containment Zones

Follow these simple steps to find Delhi Containment Zones for each district.

  • First, visit the Official Website Of The Delhi Government. The home page will open right in front of your eyes.


Delhi Containment Zones

  • Click on the “List Of District-wise Delhi Control Areas” option at the homepage. A new page will then open in front.
  • Afterwards, you’ll see the list with the Containment Zones based on the district.
  • You can then check the area using the PDF copy of control area. Click on the link in front of your district to download it.

Delhi District Wise Content Zones List

Below is a table that lists the zones containing orange, green, and red colour. It is arranged by district.

District Containment Zone
1 South Entire effected street near Gandhi Park, Malviya Nagar. New Delhi
2 South Gali No 5 – 6 & 7: Entire street affected L 1 Sangam Vihar. New Delhi.
3 South The affected area is around H. No. k-176. Deoli Extention. New Delhi
4 South Shop No. J-4149, Khirki Extension. Khirki Village. New Delhi.
5 South Jain MohoIla and Pandit Mohakla, Epic Centre 715, Chirag, Delhi
6 South Boundary Stan starting at B-4/200, and cover the entire locality until backside of humayupur Lane includes: Ashiana complex & Saidarjung Enclave (New Delhi).
7 South H. No. 50, Hauz Rani (New Delhi), from Mother Dairy to the back corner of Raja Ram Mohan School at Hauz Rani.
8 South The entire effected area surrounding H. No. 859/20. L-II, Sangam Vihai-, New Delhi
9 South 1-1,No. 153/B. 41h Floor, Savitrinagar. Malviya Nagar, New Delhi
10 South Gall No. 2, 3 & 4 Devil Extension. Delhi
11 South F-313, Near Shiva Mandir Lido Sari, and F-274 2nd Floor, Lade., Sari. New Delhi
12 South F-258, Camp Cola all Lado Sarai. New Delhi
13 South The entire affected area of Samshi TaJab. Mehrauli, Mehrauli, including A-3, lake-of-view apartment, Mehrauli. Delhi
14 South The entire affected area, including Nirankari. Gall. Nakshira Gali, Nala. Boring Gali. Ravan Wali Gall. Jamela Masjid Baoli. Dargah Gurudwarawali Gall. Thane wall Gali.
15 South-
Shahajahanabad society. plot no I. Sector 1. Dwarka.
16 South-
Dinpur Village
17 South-
Gali No. 5 & 5A, H-2 Block. Bengali Colony, Mahavir Enclave, New Delhi
18 South-
Block, Janakpuri, Kothi No. -119
19 South-
Plot No.-1294 Sonu Yadav Makkan, Thekewali Gali, Opposite DC Office Kapashera Delhi
20 South-
RZF-756/7. Gall no I Band. Raj Nagar II Dwarka New Delhi
21 South-East Nizamuddin Basti and Markaz Masjid
22 South-East Nizamuddin West (G- and D block) Areas.
23 South-East No. of Street/Gali Area of Street/Gali No.
24 South-East H. No. 811-829 and 842-835 – Khadda Colony Jaitpur. Extension Part-II. Delhi
25 South-East H. No. 1144 to 1134, 618 to 623 – Khadda Colony Jaitpur. Extension , Part-II, New Delhi
26 South-East Gali No. 16. Kachhi Colony Madanpur Khadar Extension, Delhi
27 South-East Mehela Mohalla, Madanpur Khadar, Delhi
28 South-East H-Block, Near Umra Masjid, Abu Fazal Enclave, Delhi
30 South-East E-Block East of Kailash (E-284-E-294) Delhi
31 South-East H. No. 53 to 55 & 25, respectively. Shera Mohalla Garhi East of Kailash Delhi
32 South-East Gali No. 1.2 & 3. Block-D, SangamVihar, House No. 112B. Gali Not. New Delhi
33 South-East Entire Gali Starting at H.No. G-54 to F-107, Entire Gali Starting from H.No. CN-854 to CN-854 137, Chhuriya Mohalla, Tughlakabad Village. Delhi
34 South-East Gali No. Gali No.
35 South-East Gali No. 26 & 26B, H.No. 2056 to 2092, & Gali No. 27 & 27B, H.No. 2063 to 2083, Tughlakabad Extension. Delhi
36 South-East (Whole Gali H. Number. 48 to Chaupal), A Block Khizrabad New Friends Colony Delhi
37 South-East Gali No. 24 to 28 Tughlakabad Extension Extension, Delhi (Core Area). Gali
No. 26 & 26B. H.No. 2056 to 2092 and Gall No. 27 & 27B. H.No. 2063-2083 Tughlakat, , , Extension. Delhi )
38 South-East H.No. F-138 & F-139 Gali No. 1 (Shiv Mandir Wali Gali), Harsh Vihar, Hari Nagar Extension, Delhi
39 South-East Whole Kumhar Gali (H.No. 1751-1815) to Chaupal Chowkm Kotla Mubarakpur Delhi
40 South-East D-Block, (H.No. Shaheen Bagh, 152-162. Delhi
41 North 13 Block Jhangirpuri
42 North Gali No. 1-10 (1-1000) C Block Jhangirpuri.
43 North 1100 WaliGali 1181-1200). 1200 WaliGali, (H. No. 12381268),_1300 WaliGali(H. No. 1306-1331), H-3 Block, Jhangirpuri. Delhi
44 North G.H and I Block Police Colony Model Town, Delhi
45 North H.No.716-785, H.No. 716 to 785, H. No. H. No. H. No.
46 North G-Block, Jahangirpuri , Delhi
47 North Flat No.-265 to 500 Sanjay Enclave, Jahangirpuri, Delhi
48 North Gali No. 3, 4 & 5 Mains Park, Adarsh Nagar, Delhi
49 East H.No. 141 to H. No. 180, Gali number. 14, Kalyanpuri Delhi
50 East 3 Galis of Khichirpur, including Gali containing H. No. 5/387 Khichirpur, Delhi
51 East Gali no. 4, starting at H. No. J- 3/115( Nagar Dairy), to H. No. J- 3/108( towards Anarwali Masjid Chowk), KishanKunj Extension, Delhi
52 East Gali No. 4, H. No. J- 3/101 toH. No. J – 3/107 Krishan Kunj Extension Delhi.
53 East Gali No. 5, A Block (From G No. A- 176 to A-199, West Vinod Nagar Delhi 110092.
54 East H. No. 34/156 to 34/156 34/189 (Resettlement Colony), Block-34, Tirlok Puri, Delhi 110091.
55 East H. No. 300, Gali No. 3 Krishna Puri Main Road Mandawali Delhi to H.No. 739/16 Gali No. 3 Krishna Puri, Main Road Mandawali, Delhi
56 Shandara E-Pocket, GTB Enclave, Delhi
57 Shandara F- 70 to 90 block Dilshad Colony
58 Shandara Pratapkhand Admits Colony.
59 Shandara Gali no 3,4 & 5 East Ram Nagars, Shandara
60 Shandara H. No. 15 to 101 Dayanand Vihar, Delhi-92
61 Shandara Gali No. 18, H.No. 701/23-500/36B, Vijay Park Matupur. Delhi
62 Neue
Israel Camp, Rangpuri Phari, New Delhi & the Buffer Zone area adjacent
63 Neue
Budh Nagar, Inderpuri & the Buffer Zone area adjacent to it, New Delhi
64 Neue
65 Neue
H. No. P-65, FL No. 1′-184, Pillanji Village, New Delhi
66 Central Sadar Bazaar, Central District.
67 Central ChandniMahal Central District
68 Central NabiKarim in Central District
69 Central Bara Hindu Rao Area, Delhi
70 Central NawabGanj Area, Delhi
71 Central Oberoi Apartments
72 West A-280 and its environs. J.J. Colony, Madipur. Delhi I 1(1063.
73 West C-105 is located in and around the area. Hari Nagar. New Delhi
74 West C-785 is located in and around the area. Third Floor. Camp No. 2. Nangloi. Delhi
75 West RZ-168 is located in and around the area. K2 Block. Nihal Vihar, Delhi
76 West Around G-1, 2nd Floor Mansarover Garden. Delhi
77 West Tilak Vihar area in Tilak Nagar. Delhi
78 North-
Shalimar Bagh, entire AF Block Delhi
79 No rth
Entire Street No. 9, Shalimar Village. Delhi
80 North-
Entire Gali No. 3. Shalimar Village Delhi
81 North-East H.No.-62. Gali No-4. B-Block. Shastri Park. Delhi
82 North-East E-51. Main Road, Shastri park. Delhi & E-21, Gali No.-8. Shastri Park. Delhi
83 North-East 1-606, Gali No. 18, Gautampuri, Delhi
84 North-East A-97. 98 & 99 Near Buland Massjid. Shastri Park, Delhi
85 North-East Block No. Block No. 303/6. Gali N.1 to H.No. Gali No. 289 3. Yadav Villa, Delhi


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