Fame India Scheme 2023: Apply online, benefits and Highlights

 Registration OnlineHello Friends , Welcome to My Blog. In This Blog I Will provide you with information about the Fame India scheme Recently, the Government Of India Launched A new scheme called the Fame India Project was launched by the authorities of The Indian Government. To prevent the use of Diesel- and Petroleum-powered vehicles, the Notoriety India Project Was Sent Off by the Experts of The Indian Government and was An Essential Part Of The Public Electric Versatility Mission Plan. In this article we will share with all of you diverse information regarding the Notoriety India Plan 2023 Stage 2, which was In effect as of late for the people living in India. In this article, we will explain how to complete,We will give each one of you the various types of information regarding the Plan, including the advantages highlights, Goals, and Features of the Plan as sent off by the responsible experts of the Public Authority Of India.

Frame India Scheme Extended Till 2024

Popularity India Conspire Has Been Transferred to support Electric Vehicle Buys. With this Plan, the Public Authority Will Give Sponsorships to the purchase of new Electric Vehicles that will help improve the electric Portability. This Public Authority Has Expanded The Acclaim II Program for A For a Very Long Time. This Plan is currently in place and will be in effect until 31st Walk 2024. Prior to that, the Plan was set Off from 2019 until 30th Walk in 2023. In this Plan, an Important Charging Framework will likewise Be Designed for Electric Vehicles. Acclaim India Conspire is Being smuggled Off with the Goal of resolve the issue of natural Contamination and Fuel Consumption. As part of this plan, the Public Authority Has Additionally Expanded The Appropriation Motivating Forces to 10000 Rs For Every KWh to Rs 15000 for Each KWh.

To date, a total of 78045 vehicles has been sold through the Distinction India Conspire. It is the Public Authority Has Distributed A Budget of Rs 10000 Crore for the Implementation of This Plan. A mere 5% of the Funding Plan is used Up To Now, For Example: 500 crore. For Deals 58613 Electric Bikes have been sold till 2023. The goal was to sell 10 lakh units, so the Public Authority Has Chosen To Expand This Plan to 2024. Beginning on June 26 78045 Electric Cars had been sold via the Notoriety India Plot which includes 59984 electric Bikes and 16499 Electric Three-Wheelers and 1562 electric four-wheelers.

Fame India Scheme 2023
Fame India Scheme 2023:


Fame India Scheme 2023 Budget

Karnataka has sold the largest amount of electric vehicles which is 17438. Tamil Nadu Has Sold 11902 Electric Vehicles Maharashtra has sold 8814 Electric vehicle, Uttar Pradesh Has Sold 5670 Electric Vehicles and Delhi has sold 5632 electric Vehicles. Amount of 10000 Crores was allocated to implement the Fame India Scheme From 2019 to 31st March 2023. To date, 818 crore has been spent. The remaining amount has been divided into three phases for the upcoming three years which are Rs 1839 Crores. Rs 3775 Crore for 2023-23, and the 2023-24 period will be 3514 crore.

Fame India Scheme 2023: The Goal

The Plan Was Dismantled By the Concerned Specialists of The Focal Government on April 1, 2015. This Plan Was Dismantled Therefore, the Makers are urged to construct more electrical vehicles in the Country. This Public Authority Expressed That There is a high use of Electric Transports to reduce contamination and various kinds of hardships. In the present, the second phase of the Plan is in progress. It is also stated that It is expected that the Public Authority Will Spend Around 10,000 crores on this plan In 2023, the year that is coming up. There will be numerous electric transportations within Huge Metropolitan Urban Areas To Reduce the amount of pollution

Fame India Scheme 2023: 350 New Charging Situation Added

To help advance Electric Vehicles In India, The Public Authority Has Sent Off The Acclaim India Plot. With this Plan, an Endowment Fund has facilitated the purchase of New electric Vehicles. In addition, the Public Authority Has Introduced 350 New Charging Stations under The Second Period of the Popularity India Plot. The stations are being introduced in urban communities like Chandigarh, Delhi, Jaipur, Lucknow, And Bangalore. The information was provided in Parliament. On July 20, Pastor of State And Weighty Industry Issues Krishan Buddy Gujar announced that The Foundation for 520 Charging Stations Was Approved At A Cost Of Rs.43.4 Crores under the first Phase of This scheme.

Frame India Scheme 2023: Subsidy of 600 crores on Two-Wheelers is Available Up To the moment

A total of 2877 Charging Stations is being used in the 68 cities across The Country In The Second Period of The fame India Conspiracy. The Cost of Building These 2877 Charging Stations is 500 crores. In the 9th of July under the Plan, 3,61,000 vehicles were purchased, for which the Public Authority Had Given An Endowment of 600 Crores. The Sponsorship Sum for Electric Bikes was Increased from 10,000 KWH to Rs.15,000 KWH, which has brought about cost reductions for existing Electric Vehicles. The financial assistance for the Second Phase of This Plan is Rs.10,000 Crore. Beginning around June 30 In this Plan, 862 Electric Vehicles were given a sponsorship of Rs.492 Crores.

Fame India Scheme 2023: Features

The Second Phase of the Fame India Scheme 2023 Aims to support, through subsidies approximately 7000 E-Buses Five Lakh E-3 Wheelersand 55000 E-4 Cars for Passenger Transport, and 10, Lakh E-2 Wheelers. It is also stated that the Two-Wheeler segment will be Concentrated on the Private vehicles of the residents of the Metropolitan Cities. There will be a lot of charging stations that will be built under the scheme by the Government Of India To Encourage Electric Vehicles and the Use of electricity instead of diesel or Petrol.

Fame India Scheme 2023: Benefit

The main benefit of the scheme is to promote electrical vehicles for the people of The Country And It Will also improve the eco-friendly public Transportation System Of The Region. We are all aware of the amount of pollution we live in. This FAME 2 Scheme Will Be aiding in the promotion of Interlinking Renewable Sources of energy that will be powered by Charging Systems. An excellent initiative will be helping to reduce the level of Pollution.

Fame India Scheme 2023: Registration Procedure

Fame India Scheme Registration – To apply for the Scheme The applicant will need To go through the Application procedure as outlined by the concerned authorities of the Fame India Scheme 2023. The new procedure for application is not currently available to register for the Scheme In the present time, however you can check out the official website of the Scheme 2023.

Method To Access the List of OEM and Dealers

  • The first step is to go to the official website of the Department Of Heavy Industry The Ministry Of Heavy Industries And Public Enterprises The Government Of India.
  • This Homepage is Open for You.
  • On this Website On This Homepage, Click on the The Scheme tab.
  • After that, you need to click on OEM and Dealers.


Fame India Scheme 2022


  • The List Will Open On The Screen Of Your Personal Computer Screen In Front Of You.

How to View What Modells Of This Vehicle?

  • First of all, you need to visit the official website of the Department Of Happy Industry, Government Of India.
  • Your Homepage will appear on the Computer Screen.
  • On this Home Page, You Must Click On Your Screen To Click The Tab.
  • You must now click on the Models.


Fame India Scheme 2022


  • The list of Models with their information will be displayed on your computer Screen.

Fame India Scheme 2023: Check out FAME-II Depository

  • First , you need to visit the official website of the Department Of Happy Industry Ministry Of Heavy Industries And Public Enterprises Government Of India.
  • This Homepage Will be displayed on The Computer Screen.
  • On the Homepage On The Homepage, You Must To Click the Fame-Ll Depository


Fame India Scheme 2022


  • The List of Documents containing Name, Date of Documentation and Download will be on your computer screen.

Fame India Scheme 2023: Procedure to Do NAB/DHI Login

  • Visit the official website of the Ministry Of Heavy Industries the Government Of India.
  • It’s the Home Page Will Open Before You.
  • Now , You Must click on NAB/DHI.

Fame India Scheme 2022

  • A New Page will Open before You.
  • On this Page, You Must Fill In Your Username Password, Username, and The Captcha Code.
  • Once You’ve done that, You’ll Need To Click on the Sign In.
    With this procedure, you can do the NAB/DHI login.

Fame India Scheme 2023: How to Do OEM Pre Registration

  • To apply for Fame India Scheme Registration First of all, visit the official website of the Ministry of Heavy Industries, The Government Of India.
  • It’s the Page Home Page is ready for You.
  • On the Home Page On the Home Page, You Have to click on the OEM.

Fame India Scheme 2022

  • A New Page will appear In Your Front
  • On this Page, You Must Enter Your Password, Username, and the Captcha Code.
  • Now, You Must Click To Register.
  • Then, You Need To Click on the Pre-Registration.
  • A New Page will Open In Front of You.
  • You must enter all the required information on this Page.
  • Now, you must upload all the required documents.
  • Once You’ve done that, Click “Submit.
  • If you follow this procedure, you can do pre-registration.
  • This is How You Can Apply for Fame India Scheme Registration. The Fame India Scheme Registration Process

Fame India Scheme 2023: Dealer Login

  • Visit The The Official Site of the Ministry Of Heavy Industries, Government Of India.
  • It’s the Home Page Will Open Before You.
  • Now, You Must Click Dealers


  • A New Page will appear In Your FrontFame India Scheme 2022
  • On this Page, You Must Fill In The Password For Your Username Password, Captcha and Username.
  • Now, You Must Click To Register.
  • With this procedure, you can perform a dealer login.

Fame India Scheme 2023: Methodology To Do Testing Agency Login

  • Visit the official website of the Ministry Of Heavy Industries the Government Of India.
  • It’s the Page Home Page is ready for You.
  • On the Home Page On The Homepage, You Must Click the Testing Agency.


  • A New Page will appear before You.
  • On this page On This Page, You Need To Enter Your Login credentials.
  • Once You’ve done that, You’ll Need To Click on the Register.
  • If You Follow This Process, You Are able to perform a Testing Agency Login.

Fame India Scheme 2023: Methodology To Provide Feedback

other linnk-

Assam Orunodoi 2.0 Scheme 

Maharashtra Swadhar

(MMSPY) Odisha Mukhyamantri Shiksha

  • Visit the Official Site of the Department Of Heavy Industries, Ministry Of Heavy Industries, And Public Enterprises Government Of India.
  • The homepage will appear On Your Computer Screen.
  • On The Home Page, You Have to click on the Connect tab.
  • Now, You Must Click on “Feedback”.
  • A New Page Will appear on your screen Then You Need To Fill In All the Required Information Like Category Process Name , Email Mobile Number etc.
  • Now , You Must Click on Proceed.
  • If You Follow This Process, You can Use This Procedure to Give Your Feedback.

FAQs Related to The Fame India Scheme 2023

What is the incentive for the Fame India Program 2022?

The incentive provided in the Second Phase of the Fame India Scheme Is Through the reduction in the cost of the EVs so that the vehicle becomes affordable. Additionally, there is an incentive through subsidies.

What is the Document Required to apply for Fame India Scheme 2022?

The applicants who are interested will require ID Proof Documents and Address Proof In Order To Apply For The Scheme.

What is the purpose behind The Fame India Scheme 2022?

Fame India Scheme Is The Second Phase of the National Mission On Electric Mobility Plan. The primary goal of the Scheme is to improve the field of eco-friendly vehicles and reduce the pollution caused by burning fuel.

What is the function of EVs without fuel?

Electric Vehicles or EVs run with electricity, not fuel. They only require charging stations In order to charge their batteries to run.

What vehicles are available for the Fame India Scheme Phase II?

Two-Wheeler Vehicles, Three-Wheeler Cars and Four Wheeler Vehicles are available under the scheme. The newest Four-Wheeler Vehicles under The Scheme are Electric Buses and Electric Cars.

What is the incentive given Electric Vehicles under The Program?

The incentive provided under the scheme is in the form of a reasonable price range for the customers and the additional subsidies that are offered along With It.

Who are the People Who Benefit Of Fame India Program 2022?

The Candidates Must Register themselves with the local Authorities Regarding The Scheme To Get The Advantages of The Scheme.

Where can I find the Newest Models Of The Electric Vehicles under the Fame India Scheme?

Candidates who are interested should go to the official website and Click on The Scheme Tab After that, they need to Select a Model from The Menu. The entire list of Old and New Models will appear on the Screen.

Are Fame India A Part Of The Make In India Programme?

Yes, The Fundamentals of the Scheme are of the Make In India Scheme. The purpose of the scheme is to make the Indian Automotive Industry A Pioneering One.

How do I Apply for Fame Scheme?

Visit the Official Website of the Department Of Heavy Industry, Ministry Of Heavy Industries And Public Enterprises, Government Of India.
This Home Page Will Open In Your Infront Of You.
On The Home Page On The Homepage, You Must Click on FAME-II Depository

What’s The Aim Of Fame Scheme?

This Phase Is Designed to create demand by Involving 7700 E-Buses, five Lakh E-3 Wheelersand 55000 E-4 passenger cars (Including the Strong Hybrid) and Ten Lakh E-2 Wheelers.

What is the significance of fame in India?

Ministry: Ministry Of Heavy Industries And Public Enterprises. Its goal is to provide Fiscal and incentive programs to encourage the adoption and Market Development of Hybrid As Well As Electric Technologies vehicles across the Country. The scheme: FAME Stands For Faster manufacturing and adoption of (Hybrid and) electric Vehicles.

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