Maharashtra Swadhar Yojana 2022, Apply Online

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The Swadhar Yojana 2022 program has been initiated in government officials of the Maharashtra government to aid students from the SC and students of the Nav Buddha student financially. The financial aid will allow students from 10 the 12 12th diploma, engineering programs pay for lodging as well as boarding and other costs. In the state, government authorities have devised the Maharashtra Swadhar Scheme to help students in backward classes. The eligibility requirements and details for the program are are as follows.


Schema Name  Swadhar Yojana 2022
Released By In Maharashtra govt.
Released in at the end of Year 2018
Target Beneficiary Students who belong to the scheduled castes and Buddha category and Buddha category
Financial Help 51000 Rupees per year
Financial Help Purpose Financial aid to assist students those in classes 10 12th 12 12 degree, diploma programs. Students receive sufficient boarding, accommodation, and other costs
Category Social welfare scheme
Beneficiaries Affluent and disadvantaged candidates who want to study further in the state

Maharashtra Babasaheb Ambedkar Swadhar Yojana 2022

Students who have opted to enroll in 12th or 11th class and then, following professional or non-professional training can register to participate in an application for the Swadhar Yojana scheme. If a student isn’t able to gain admission into a government-run hostel facility, they may take advantage of the benefits of the scheme.

Maharashtra Swadhar Yojana Key Features

  • The main beneficiaries of this schemeThe students from Maharashtra that belong to the caste of scheduled as well as those belonging to the Nav Buddha category, and who are economically deficient.
  • The purpose of starting the schemeThe primary motive behind this scheme is to offer financial aid to students from backward classes in order to pursue higher studies , and also to provide accommodation for expenses at the hostel and similar.
  • Authority to launch the schemeThe Babasaheb Ambedkar Swadhar Yojana can be described as an initiative by government officials of the Maharashtra governor to aid the students.
  • Financial assistance to every beneficiaryThe annual aid to students under the scheme is Rs. 51000.

Maharashtra Swadhar Yojana Financial Grants

The state government will provide aid to the students in the above categories. The cost structure can be described like this:


Maharashtra Swadhar Yojana 2022
Maharashtra Swadhar Yojana 2022
Facility Charges
Boarding facility Rupees 28000
Lodging facility Rupees 15000
Students of engineering and medical programs 5000 Rupees (additional)
Miscellaneous Rupees 8000
Other branches Rupees 2000 (additional)
Total Rupees 51000

Maharashtra Swadhar Yojana Benefits

  • The advantages of the scheme will be granted only to students of the scheduled caste as well as the Nav Buddha category.
  • Students in the the 10 th or twelve 12 grades, and who are pursuing the degree, diploma or any other course of study are eligible to participate in the program.
  • The total amount that has been approved to the scheme is 51000.
  • The Babasaheb Ambedkar Swadhar Yojana will aid students with accommodation, boarding and other expenses in the event that they need it.

Maharashtra Swadhar Yojana Eligibility

  • Students from the stateThe Maharashtra administration has launched the scheme therefore only natives of the state are eligible for the scheme.
  • Classification of the applicant Category of an applicantStudents who belong to the scheduled caste and Nav Buddha categories are eligible to apply for the scheme.
  • Educational category for students –The students within the 10 12th or 12 12 and diploma, engineering and any professional courses are eligible to apply to participate in the program.
  • Educational QualificationStudents must score 60% marks in their respective exams to be eligible for of the scheme’s benefits. For those who are physically challenged, they need to score at least 40% marks in order to be eligible to benefit from the scheme.
  • Income requirements Income criteriaThe total annual earnings of an candidate from any source must not exceed 2.5 lakhs.
  • Valid bank accountStudents who want to apply to the scheme must have a valid account at a bank that is linked to the Aadhaar number.
Maharashtra Swadhar Yojana
Maharashtra Swadhar Yojana 2022, Apply Online

Maharashtra Swadhar Yojana Documents



  • Domicile information Domicile informationThe applicant must provide the proper documents for domicile to prove that they are residents in the State.
  • Educational certificatesStudents must submit up-to-date and correct sheet of marks when applying for the scheme.
  • Income certificateThe Family income document is essential to prove the income limit and to determine if a candidate is eligible to participate in the scheme.
  • Bank information –The applicant must provide the correct bank details including IFSC code and the bank account number that are associated with the Aadhaar card.

Additionally, applicants must provide a certificate of caste along with a mobile number and passport-sized photograph at the time of filling out an online form.


Maharashtra Swadhar Yojana Download Form pdf

To fill out an application to the scheme online, you need to follow the steps listed below:

  1. The first step is to go to the 
  2. The homepage will open it is necessary to click on the link to the scheme or click directly on that 
  3. The PDF online form will be displayed the applicant needs to fill in the pertinent information correctly

The applicant must submit the required documents. The entire set of documents should be sent in the Social Welfare department in Maharashtra. This is the end of the online application process as well as scheme registration.

Q: What is the primary idea behind it?

Ans : Provide financial assistance to students who are financially disadvantaged in Maharashtra

Q: Who has created this scheme?

Ans : Maharashtra government

Q: Who are the beneficiaries of this scheme?

Ans : Students of the scheduled caste and the Nav Buddha category

Q: What is the financial assistance available to students each year?

Ans: Rupees 51000

Q: What is the annual limit for earnings for the scheme?

Ans : The total income of any source for the family of the applicant should not exceed 2.5 lakhs


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