Why Is My ChatGPT Not Working? How to Fix It

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  1. GPT Chat GPT can be described as a chatbot that was developed through OpenAI and has caused an uproar among tech enthusiasts around the world.
  2. Many users reported that Chat GPT did not work for a lot of users This was typically due to browser cookies that were corrupted or extensions that were conflicting.
  3. For fixing issues ensure you’ve got a stable Internet connection, uninstall extensionsand clean your browser cookies, as well as other methods.


fix Chat GPT when it is not working

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ChatGPT can be described as ancreated by OpenAI. While still in its initial times, it has gained large popularity, with users all over the world testing the latest technology. But, many users have discovered that ChatGPT was not working.

ChatGPT lets users get their questions answered whether it’s about software code to history and science and many more. ChatGPT is constantly updating the database on the basis of feedback from users and on interactions. Let’s discover the reason it’s not working for you.

What is the reason why the ChatGPT Not working?

Here are a few possible reasons ChatGPT isn’t functioning or not loading:

  1. Server problems In some instances there was a problem at ChatGPT’s end, generally related to the server, which caused the issue.
  2. Traffic is high – If lots of users attempt to connect to ChatGPT simultaneously the service may cease to function.
  3. Problems problems with issues with Internet If you  this could cause problems. Utilize an to determine whether this is the reason behind ChatGPT is not functioning.
  4. A corrupted browser cache or cookies – A damaged cache in the browser and cookies can lead to issues when using or opening a website such as ChatGPT.

How do I solve ChatGPT Not working?

Here are some easy tips we would suggest trying at first

  1. Try another browser to run ChatGPT. Opera, Chrome, Firefox and Edge are generally compatible with all web browsers So, give one of these a shot.
  2. Check that ChatGPT is accessible in your region. There are still some in which it’s not available and, as a consequence, ChatGPT is not working for those living in these regions.
  3. If the screen reads” We’re experiencing a very high demand. We’ll be waiting for you to get your attention while we scale our systems. Please wait some time until ChatGPT to resume operation. Chatbots have become an extremely popular tool and is receiving a significant amount of usage across the world. Therefore, you may be interested in trying the chatbot again, perhaps in the next few hours or in a few hours.

If none of these solutions are helpful take a look at the options that follow.

The steps below are for Google Chrome. If you’re using a different browser, the procedure is the same.

1. Clear the cookies



  1. Select the “ellipsis” at the top-right corner. Then select the Settings.

cookies and other site data


Choose Privacy and Security on the left-hand navigation panel. select Cookies as well as other site-related data.

Click to to view all data on the site and access rights.

see all site data and permissions


Find openai.com in the text field, and then click on the delete icon to delete the site.


delete cookies to fix chat gpt not working

Once more, click Clear at the confirmation prompt.



That’s it! Then, restart the browser and see if ChatGPT is now functioning on your PC.

3. Remove all extensions


manage extensions


  1. Select the Extensions icon, select manage extensions by clicking on the dropdown menu.

2. The toggle is now disabled for all the extensions that are listed here.

disable to fix chat gpt not working


3. Verify that ChatGPT is working. If it is, begin by enabling each in a sequence until the issue is resolved. When it happens it, the extension that was enabled before caused the problem.

4. Click to then the remove button below it.

remove to fix chat gpt not working

Click on Remove from the message for confirmation.



If you think it was not the cookies, make sure there are any conflicting extensions installed and delete them. This should work in the majority of cases where ChatGPT is not working.

4. Contact ChatGPT support ChatGPT Support

If you’re not able to resolve the issue is the case, you must get in touch with Support at ChatGPT and request assistance. Chat support is available on the support site to make a ticket, but don’t expect to receive a response in a hurry on their part.


ChatGPT Support page

That’s it! With the right solutions, you’ll be able to solve the issue in the event that ChatGPT isn’t functioning properly. However, if you suspect an issue with your network or that is speed related, you need to know the best way to  quickly.

Don’t forget to share your feedback about ChatGPT in the comment section below. Additionally, share any other options you have heard of.

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